What are eSports?

Esports are one of the latest betting crazes to be unleashed upon the world. But what are eSports and, more importantly, are they worth betting on?

"Gaming" into eSports Gambling

Gaming is the most profitable entertainment industry in the world. Everybody has played a game at least once in their life, whether it is an epic AAA game, or some freemium game found on mobile devices. Gaming is big business.

Of course, with so much money in gaming, companies started to sponsor major multiplayer tournaments. Many games now have prizes totaling well over a few million quid a year. People love to watch tournaments like this, and that is what eSports is all about.

What makes an eSport an eSport?

esports wikiNobody knows. There seems to be no way to predict whether something is going to become an eSport or not.

It is something that happens naturally. Plenty of companies have designed games to be eSports, and then totally failing.

Others have designed simple games, and now they have huge tournaments based around them.

Obviously, eSports need to be competitive games which involve a high degree of skill to be good at. They also need to/ be fun to watch. Esports get their money from people watching them, so no eyes on the screen means that nobody is going to sponsor.

There are eSport games in ever genre from FPS such as Overwatch and Counterstrike, to Battle Arena games such as Fortnite, and some RPG games such as World of Warcraft. You also have RTS and other games thrown into the mix too. If you love your gaming, then you will enjoy betting on eSports.

Why bet on eSports?

Because it is fun. It is the same as why anybody bets on any sport. The wonderful thing about eSports is that it is a new industry. In our opinion, the most fun you can have with betting is from not having the best understanding of what is going on.

It is all well and good betting on a match between Manchester United and Exeter City. You have a rough idea of who is going to win. Yay, money in your pocket, but boo that you are not getting as much excitement as you could from the pair up.

Every game is different too. Knowing who is going to win a game of Overwatch is going to be completely different to knowing who would win a game of DOTA2. Again, tons of fun researching how this all works too.

In addition to this; watching eSports tends to be free. This is because they rely on a ton of viewers. Of course, no guarantee that it will be free in the future.

If it became as popular as football, no chance of that. For now; you can view all major tournaments on services such as Twitch and the like. There are also plenty of sites (just like this one), which will share eSports news with you.

How can you get started betting with eSports?

Sadly, there are not enough websites out there right now which allow you to bet on eSports, mostly because it is new. Here are a couple of tips and tricks we use to work out which sites are awesome and which leave a lot to be desired:

This is just an easy way to get started. There may be other things that you are on the hunt for when you are looking for eSports betting sites.

For example; do you want the ability to be able to take advantage of loyalty bonuses for sticking around? Make sure that you choose a site which rewards the most regular players. Don’t forget to look at the welcome bonuses too.

Looking for the best eSports betting sites?

If you are, you will be pleased to know that our team have put together a decent guide for you. Make sure you check this list out. We will do our best to ensure it is kept ‘up to date’!


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